Special Jury Prize, Frank Moffett Mosier Fellowship for 2022

Special Jury Prize, Frank Moffett Mosier Fellowship for 2022

Enid Brain for A Faerie Tale of New York

Zoom workshop and reading to take place in October of 2023. Inquire at support@synecdocheworks.org regarding press and auditions.

About Enid Brain

Enid Brain is a trans multi-disciplinary artist activist, and teacher based in NYC. As a theatre artist, her writing has been performed at the Tank, Walking Shadow Readers Theatre, Passaic Preparatory Academy, the New Masculinities Festival, the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, the Studio Theatre at Tierra Del Sol, the Art Garage, Dixon Place, Texas A&M University, and Stay True Theatre. Her play Something’s Coming (co-written with J. Andrew Norris) was a 2020 Finalist for the Jewish Playwriting Contest from the Jewish Plays Project. Enid’s essays and articles have been published in 10 countries and 6 languages. They contributed to the “Opposing Viewpoints” series from Greenhaven Publishing and contributed a chapter (co-authored with Olivia Wood) to “The Critical Companion to Wes Craven” from Lexington Books. As a filmmaker, Enid’s work has been accepted into multiple festivals around the world including the OutSouth Queer Film Festival and the Queer Fear Film Festival. She is also an award-winning teaching artist, a proud member of the Dramatists Guild and Left Voice, and is a founding member of Bread and Roses. Enid won a 2021 FMM Longlist Prize for Works in Heightened Language for her play “Arden,” a trans re-telling of “As You Like It.”

About A Faerie Tale of New York

One night (or is it many) at a failing drag club in NYC. Drag queens of multiple generations bitch, fight, get drunk, cry, snort coke, perform the house down, and reflect on the state of queer community, performance, and the economics of nightlife. Also Queen Mab is there. Yeah, that Queen Mab.

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