Enid Brain

Enid Brain for Arden Websites: ezrabrain.com and newplayexchange.org/users/13984/enid-brain Enid Brain is a trans multi-disciplinary artist, activist, and teacher based in … Read more

Megan Campisi

Megan Campisi for Malus Domestica Megan Campisi is a playwright, novelist, and teacher. Her plays have performed in China, France, … Read more

Gloria Bond Clunie

Gloria Bond Clunie for The Poppy Gloria Bond Clunie is an award-winning playwright, director and educator. She is a founding … Read more

Malique Guinn

Malique Guinn for Gang Sines Malique Guinn (he/him) is a playwright, poet, and screenwriter who hails from Lancaster, CA. His … Read more

Alena Haney

Alena Haney for Hunt Alena Haney is a playwright and actor from Houston, Texas. In the seventh grade, she became … Read more

NaTasha Thompson

NaTasha Thompson for Day Clothes NaTasha is a director, playwright and North Carolina native. Much of her inspiration comes from … Read more

Zoe Bloomfield

Zoe Bloomfield for The House of Clytemnestra: A Retelling Zoe Bloomfield (she/her) is a queer director, writer, and performer based … Read more